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In this Covid-plagued world, the last thing you need is to have your company breached and your data strung across the dark-web. My team is here to help you with the evergreen vulnerabilities that just keep coming back again and again, as well as the new pandemic-related scams and hacks to which you are increasingly vulnerable. The targets of the social engineering haven’t changed, but the subjects and messages that you are being bombarded with are changing to match the current events of the day.

The opposition knows what you are worried about:

  • The Covid-19 death-tolls
  • The progress of vaccine research
  • The latest thing the President said
  • The poll numbers for the many political races in this election year
  • Student-load forgiveness
  • Wars and rumors of ward
  • And many more

I am here to keep you navigated toward strategies and targets that make your business and family more secure. I am not here to frighten you into making another purchase out of fear for what you don’t fully understand. 


How are you dealing with Security Issues, now that your Staff is Working From Home?

How are you handling Network Security when most of your staff are working from home? Security doesn’t have to break the bank. If you have more than 10 employees, Atlanta Cloud Technology and Skout can bring you great security at a great price. Click here and set your appointment.

Skout Bundle


Best IP PBX Phone Service

Find out how much Atlanta Cloud Technology can save you on cloud-based PBX phone system for your business. You won’t go wrong here, whether you have 1 or 1000 VoIP phones to place on your associate’s desks or even in their homes. These use existing LAN cabling or your wifi routers which saves you installation costs. You need this system because the new normal is work-from-home. Send in the contact form, or email us your last phone bill at [email protected]  to get a free quote.

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