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Gold Membership Product

$47.00 / month

The Strategic Security Mastermind Group at the Gold Level is designed around the impact that a small group of individuals can achieve by meeting together to discuss the challenges they face in their daily work.

As a Gold-Level Member, you are an integral part of a small but powerful group of business leaders consisting of up to twelve members who meet monthly for discussion.

You also have exclusive access to Gold-Level seminars bi-weekly.


Our Gold membership level…

The Strategic Security Gold-Level Mastermind Group creates changes in the members’ lives and businesses. Small groups can solve each other’s problems. Wolf Halton’s Masterminds have proven to provide solid value for the members. It just makes personal growth sense to move in this direction.

Gold-Level Mastermind Members, are each part of a small group of peers. The groups are business leaders just like you. Your group meets monthly, in order to discussion your business and security challenges. The group solved each individual’s problems, because you could never solve them on your own.

Gold-Level Mastermind Members get VIP access to new, powerful video posts every week. We categorize them as Business Hints and Fireside Chats. Wolf does Fireside Chats in order to break down security into action items for you. Wolf’s Business Hints are solutions to help you run your business more efficiently. You will want to keep up with these messages because they break down security issues into easy-to handle action points. All the previous posts are archived and available at any time. Your special access is great because this keeps you  up-to-date!


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